Gruffalos, Snortles, & Monsters! Oh My!

I’ve had a big week of discovering new books. I love visiting my local library and especially love Story Time and the songs and activities that follow. Mum and I search the shelves every week for new adventures.


Mum and I have also discovered interactive books on the iPad.
We have had so much fun watching amazing stories come to life at our touch. Prior to reading on the iPad I was devouring at least four books a day. Now I’m reading at least six!

Also, thank you so much for all the review requests. Mum is currently trying to track down copies of your suggestions via the library and bookstore. In the meantime I have reviewed several of my favourites. I’ve loved The Gruffalo ever since mum first read it to me, while The Great Snortle Hunt and Bedtime For Monsters are new favourites I recently found at the library.

Thank you so much for visiting.

X Max Pepper Neale.

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