The Gruffalo Written by Julia Donaldson & Illustrated by Axel Scheffler


By Max Pepper Neale (3 years & 4 months old).

Q: What is the book about?

A: The Gruffalo. The fox was grumpy and asked the mouse to go in his underground house. The mouse said no! He was going to see the Gruffalo! Oh no there’s a scary Gruffalo. There’s pictures of him. There’s an owl who wants to eat the mouse. Oh dear said the owl. A snake slid out from his underground log house. The mouse said he was having a feast with the Gruffalo. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear said the snake. It’s a Gruffalo. Oh no! The Gruffalo came from his cave. He’s too scary to me! He has knobbly knees and terrible claws and purple prickles all over his back! Then he was scary.

Q: How did this book make you feel?

A: Good and healthy. It wasn’t too scary.

Q: What was your favourite part?

A: All of the pages! *points out every single page of the book*

Q: Which character did you like the best?

A: The squirrel and he didn’t scare me at all. The Gruffalo scared me a little.

Q: What do think about the pictures?

A: They are nice drawings. Did you draw them Mummy?

Q: What did you learn from the book?

A: All of the creatures I liked. I like squirrels and possums. Two. *holds two fingers up*

Q: Would you recommend this book to others?

A: Yup. Some more teachers. Some people. Some girls and some Mummies and some Daddies.

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